The problem with data silos in water utilities and how Varuna solves it

August 01, 2021

If there is anything we know about the way business or services work nowadays, it is that the flow of information is critical. The flow of external information about the customers helps organizations to determine what the needs or issues of their customers are, and how the organization can quickly address those customer needs or issues. The internal flow of information also enables businesses to quickly and clearly align the internal resources to address the information that has flowed into the organization about their customer needs. If there is another thing we’ve learned about how to do business, it is that we need to convert this information quickly into action; the responsiveness of a business to clearly identify the needs and issues of its customers improves the business's likelihood of success.

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Climate Change Is Worsening Our Water Quality.

July 20, 2021

Even as carbon mitigation actions gain steam, water continues to be ignored in our climate change mitigation. While we experience climate change impacts through water - floods, droughts - the conversation never covers the impact on water quality. I won’t bury the lede here, there is a direct link between climate change and water contamination shock. The quicker we pay attention to it, the sooner we address the issue.

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